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Tyra Jaide
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I love lush so of course, I have to tell you guys about some of my favorites this summer. It has been a self-care summer so far for me. Hopefully, my reviews can help you find the right product for your summer self-care.

· Luxe Bath Bomb
· Cosmetic Warrior
· Matcha Roll Bubble Bar
· The Comforter Bubble Bar
· Scrub Bee
· Mask Of Magnaminty-
· Angels On Bare Skin Sample-
· Aqua Marina Sample
· Illipe of Faith Sugar Roll Sample

Luxe Bath Bomb

The Luxe bath bomb smells awesome. I can’t even describe it so I’m going to check the website.

So they said it smells like jasmine, which I definitely noticed but I wasn’t sure if that was some lingering body spray or the bath.

It has rose oil, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood oil.

It was beautiful it had gold mica or something in the middle and my bath was straight-up metallic in spots! The water was so soft and sparkly. (What a weird way to describe water but I LOVED IT!)

The bath bomb also left my entire bathroom smelling good!

Cosmetic Warrior

( I didn’t order this one but I have to give it a shout out!)

Cosmetic Warrior is a Lush fresh face mask, they are only available in-store and they stay good for a few weeks maybe 2 or 3.

Cosmetic Warrior smells like garlic but it works! I bought it while I was in Az but now I’m far away from a Lush store and I can’t get it! If you can go in-store grab this!

Matcha Roll Bubble Bar

I reordered this one. I got it on Christmas and I loved it so much I bought another. It turns the bath a slight green color and the bubbles are movie star status. I can use one bubble bar at least 7 times and it makes a wonderful bath every time.

This bubble bar smells like matcha, lemon, and tonka absolute! It’s delightful and fresh.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Like the Matcha Roll, The Comforter bubble bar produces a Hollywood-like amount of bubbles. However, the two smell very different. The Comforter is a sweet vanilla cotton candy smell. It fills the whole room with the…



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